Haunting Halloween Truths: From a Golden Oldies Furry Perspective

Halloween can be a fun time for us humans, but it can be a confusing, stressful and potentially hazardous experience for our furries. So, to help us fur parents understand better, over this week we are going to take a look at this spooky time from our beloved pets’ perspectives. Get ready to journey into... Continue Reading →

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How To Prepare Your Furry For Fireworks

As a parent of a sound phobic golden, I'm already bracing myself for the dreaded fireworks season, which is fast approaching (yet again!). Seeing your furry terrified and inconsolable is heartbreaking and deeply stressful. It's at times like these that I wish that I could just chat to my shaking and panting golden boy and... Continue Reading →

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The Truth About: Worms

What types of worm can my dog/cat get infected with? In the UK there are 5 types of worm that our cat/dog can be infected with: HookwormsWhipwormsTapewormsLungwormsRoundworms What if my dog/cat travels abroad? If your furry is the proud owner of their own pet passport and enjoys venturing further than a UK stay-cation, then they... Continue Reading →

How To De-Stress Your Indoor Kitty

With autumn rapidly approaching and plenty of British mizzle already upon us, your cats will be spending more time indoors. More time inside means more bored and stressed kitties all over the UK. Gone are the summer days of roaming the neighbourhood or sunbathing on the garage roof. In multi-cat households, this can become a real problem.... Continue Reading →

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